How Life Coaches Can Attract More Visitors to Their Sites

Too many life, career, and business coaches have websites that fail to attract qualified potential clients. One reason for such poor conversions:

Failing to discuss the benefits your clients will get from coaching with you.
Your Website Should Emphasize Benefits, Not Features

If the content of your website only discusses your skills, experience, and education, your site will not attract a large number of visitors.

People mostly scan through web pages when searching for information. If your website doesn’t have a compelling, interesting headline, visitors will quickly move on to other websites. They won’t even bother reading the first paragraph of your content.

If potential clients see the benefits of working with you, they will feel motivated to continue reading and decide whether your coaching style will suit their needs. This increases your chances of converting a prospective customer into a paying customer.

One of the best ways to discuss both your features and your benefits is by linking a specific benefit to a specific feature:

“My training in CBT therapy will help you change your negative thinking patterns.”

Your Benefits Should Match What People Are Searching For

People who are looking for professional coaches want to improve or change specific aspects of their lives. If your web content lists benefits that match those needs, you will attract visitors who are likely to spend more time reading over your content.

The coaching industry is highly competitive. As people look over the results of a web search, you only have a few seconds to get their attention. Providing a compelling benefit in your headline and first paragraph will give you an edge over your competitors!

Life Coaches Should Consider Outsourcing Their Marketing Copy

Life coaches who struggle with their web and marketing content should consider outsourcing to freelance copy-writers and / or marketing content writers.

A competent freelance copy-writer can help your marketing web content stand out and attract visitors who are searching for the type of coaching that you provide. In many cases, a freelance writer may also work with you as a marketing and sales consultant, for a fraction of the cost of a marketing agency.

Outsourcing your content writing frees up more time for you to devote to your coaching practice, or simply to enjoy more free time. Your investment in freelance writing services will pay for itself as your website content converts more visitors to long-term clients.

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